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What is the cooking time for pasta?

What cooking time for pasta?

Did you know that the cooking time of your food depends on your location?

Indeed, taking your altitude into account is an essential element for successful cooking.

The reason is simple: the boiling point of water is 100°C at sea level as in Marseille, it is only 98.3°C at 500m altitude as in Saint-Etienne (42000), Loire, from 96.7°C at 1000m altitude as in Cauterets (65110), Hautes-Pyrénées or even from 93.3°C at 2000m as in La Plagne (73210), Savoie .

The same package of pasta will therefore have a different cooking time in Marseille where it will be identical to what is written on the package, in Saint-Etienne it will be necessary to add 1-2 minutes, in La Plagne more than 5 minutes.

To compensate for the drop in boiling temperature, the cooking time must be extended.

Good weather, bad weather and cooking pasta

Yes, the weather also influences the cooking time!

The boiling temperature of 100°C corresponds to the normal atmospheric pressure of 1013.25 hPa, which is the pressure at sea level.

When the weather is bad, we are in a low pressure weather system, the atmospheric pressure will drop below 1010 hPa and during a good storm we can reach 950 hPa and the water in Marseille will already start to boil at 98.2°C increasing the cooking time, conversely when the weather is very nice and Marseille is at the heart of the anticyclone at 1030 hPa, the water will rise to 100.5°C to boil, thus slightly reducing the cooking time.

For a beautiful artisanal al dente pasta it is therefore essential that you take these two factors into account! 

Nb: and what is true for your pasta and also true for any cooking in water such as rice etc.

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