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MO Tra Mozzarelle & Olive

MO Tra Mozzarelle & Olive is the spirit of Italy. The logo is these stacked plates, a mark of the generosity of Italian cuisine. Its colors, is this green so typical of the olive leaves of Tuscany or Puglia under the summer breeze, is the intense blue of the sky of Basilicata or Calabria and is the light blue of the crystalline waters of the cove. from Sardinia or from the sea of Sicily.

MO is not only the acronym for Mozzarelle and Olive, MO is also the province code of Modena, the Mecca of balsamic vinegar and it is a familiar interjection of the current language of Bologna in Emilia-Romagna, capital of the Italian gastronomy, stew and pasta.

MO Tra Mozzarelle & Olive, there is so much to discover besides Mozzarelle and Olives !


Showcasing the products of small producers and showing that in Italy there are not only mozzarelle and olives but many other treasures for the taste which are often hidden at the bottom of a valley or nestled in the heart of a small village.

MO Tra Mozzarelle & Olive now offers a selection of dry products and in a second step, the sunny flavors of fresh products from Italy will expand the range.

The products are coming from small Italian producers mostly from southern Italy (Puglia, Campania, Sicily, Sardinia, Calabria) under the sign of organic or sustainable agriculture, with a Protected Designation of Origin / Geographical Indication ( PDO / IGP) or belonging to the Presidio Slow Food® selection, guaranteeing a unique, high-quality product that goes off the beaten track.


I am a lover of Italy, its culture, its biodiversity, its food and its cuisine which is actually very different from North to South. A history of good cuisine that began 25 centuries ago and whose traditions are jealously guarded by artisans of taste and Dolce Vita.

My vision is to bring you high quality Italian ingredients for an authentic and tasteful cuisine. Member of Slow Food® in France, I defend Good, Clean and Fair food which is the guarantee of a better future.


OlivierAfter twenty years of experience in business development in the industry and a fervent defender of good food, I wish to share my knowledge and my discoveries gleaned during countless stays and meetings in Italy.

In order to guarantee the authenticity of the products, I have attended specific trainings in Italian cuisine for the production of fresh pasta and sauces in renowned Italian facilities such as the scuola dell´Associazione della Sfolgline in Bologna led by the Chef renowned Alessandra SPISNI or to internships on specific products such as rice, Mortadella IGP, dry pasta, wines, olive oil at FICO (Fabbrica Italiana COntadina) in Bologna or directly from producers.